Samstag, 25. April 2009

Auswandern Umgekehrt

This story starts the end of February when Drachenfänger went to the USA to start a new job. This is the next step to start their complete new life. Our part starts in Sankt Augustin on Good Friday when Bram starts to cook. First on the menu is a noodle salad that will be packed for the trip. Next is Bram's famous ham that will accompany the salad. The next day (Saturday) it's off to the airport for our "surprise visit" to Drachenfänger's final Visit to Berlin to pick up his new family to travel to their new home. Our flight to Berlin was short and first checked into our hotel (Kempinski's), unpacked our clothes, repacked the food, and took a bus to their empty appartment. We arrived and did not see the surprised face that we expected. The following slide show will give you an idea of how the party went.

After eating and drinking we left the party to get a good nights sleep so we could get up early and catch the bus to the airport again so that we could really say good bye to them as they leave Germany as a family with QI, 2 dogs (Tischoo and Shanghai), and 2 carts full of hand baggage. Enjoy the pictures of the confusion of mob experiences at the airport.

After going thru the gate and and other controls both families closed the day with a cup of coffee and said good bye. The adventure that the 5 experienced is explained in their blog. As for the left behinds, we will all meet again in Virginia in the middle of June. The story will continue there.

See you all in the blog in July.