Donnerstag, 6. September 2007

12 September is the date

We are now ready for the big trip. All the odds and ends have been sown up and we are both getting excited as the days go by. We have not packed yet but know what we will put in the suitcases.

The train ride early in the morning will be the start of a very long day. Thank god that our first hotel is close by so we can relax for the start.

We both got into looking what we want to see and we will both continue to look become we have not planned to the end. There is so much to see that we will miss a lot, but we can travel there again.

I will do my best to stay calm and look before I drive so we do not lose time driving in the wrong direction, which I seem to be very good at.

We both aare looking forward to the breakfast donuts, the drive, the first stop for 2 eggs over easy and hash browns.

The celebration as we have read will be a lot of fun and will be active and inspired.
Of course will will have a lot of pictures and stories to tell.

Til we land in the states
Bye from BRI


bribram hat gesagt…

Just realized the date - happy it isnt the 11th. Miss your expression of feelings in your statements.
Love Bram

Drachenfänger hat gesagt…

Wann geht es weiter?