Sonntag, 21. September 2008

Midsummer Conference

After all the turmoil beginning end of July, we had our long planned trip to Hamburg. It was a very emotional 5 days for the 2 of us. There were very few Americans present, mostly Europeans. The channels dealt primarily about the acceptance, love and importance of self.
It also dealt with subjects such as not letting oneself be drawn into other peoples drama. Reminding each one of us that each human being creates its own reality, to respect others in so far that they are in their drama to DEAL WITH IT. Do not try to fix or heal the world. Globaly or in very close relationships, we have to realize that each has their own creation. As the new energy or new conciousness proceeds, we all feel the emotions of others. We have to start to differentiate what are our feelings and what are the feelings of others. I had a catharsis on that one: while this was channelled and we were asked to let other peoples fear go with a deep breath, I felt a release in the pit of my stomach which was there before the accident of my mother. But it also contained or produced fear: the thought of "you are your own creator" (this is really nothing new to either bri or bram) really puts it to the core "100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life" - freedom in every way - and for that you truly have to trust (love) yourself - and don't we all love to question our decisions, feel guilty about this or that. That only means that we did not trust in the process and what ever happened, happened in an appropriate way for further development and what we came here for: experience of life.

To integrate these "lessons" in our every day living is still in process.

We also had fun in Hamburg. Music and dancing in the evening. The men - especially the nordic ones - went wild with dancing - it was fun to watch. The music presented in the little video is from an Israeli band - they were fantastic. I especially loved the didgeredoo. The channels from Story Waters, 2 British channelers were also great. Surprised we were to find our pictures near to the end with the Dutch couple we always hung out during break to have a few puffs. We already knew them from Taos.

It was a much appreciated 5 days - and - interestingly enough, it happened to us despite the drama (people kept asking if we were going on the trip anyway) - of course we did AND without guilt feelings.


Bri here

It was again an experience. The channels said a lot to me and started a process in me that is starting to bear fruit. I can't tell exactly what it is doing, but I feel the motion and I feel better about myself. For me the interaction with people from other countries was not as intense as the other 2 conferences, but the energy did come through.

We also had the time to discover Hamburg. We took a 2 hour canal boatride on the first day. " hours of relaxation, peace and beautiful landscapes. On our last day, after most of the people had left we went to say goodbye to the "arena" and were shocked. We entered the room and nothing was left. Everything was gone. We stared into a large black hole (the energy left with the people). Our last hours in Hamburg was filled with a bus tour of the city and a last cup of coffee in our room.

In all it was a short learning vacation which will work on me for a long time and I know I will be better for the experience.


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